All About Mrs. Southard


    Family:  Married to Keith, mother of Ryan, age 21, Rachel, age 19, and Derek, age 15


    My Family May 2022



    Ryan West Chester Grad




    • Council Rock graduate of 1990
    • Undergraduate - Millersville University 1994, Elementary and Special Ed.
    • Graduate - Arcadia University 2000, Computers and Technology for Ed.
    • Graduate – Delaware Valley University 2017, Special Education Supervisor Certification Program


    • 1995 to 2000 - Rolling Hills (3rd, 4th, and 5th grade learning support)
    • 2000 to present - Maureen M. Welch (5th grade learning support)

    Hobbies: computers, reading, photography, and cleaning/organizing my home, running

    My summer 2022:  This summer was busy from beginning to end.  My oldest son, Ryan gradutated from West Chester University (going back to WCU in the FALL for Masters in Speech and Language Pathology) and then Rachel "graduated" from CB East.  I put quotes around it because while she was a "Senior" and graduated with the students of her same grade, however she will go back to CB East in the Fall and continue until she is 21 due to her significant special needs (austism & intellectual disability).

    We went on our typical summer vacation to Ocean City, Maryland, since my in-laws have a home on the bay with a boat and lots of "toys."  Additionally, we went to Albany, New York, for my annual Family Reunion.  At the beginning of August, Ryan moved into his first apartment in West Chester and I am getting as many dental and doctors' appointments out of the way for Derek, Rachel, and myself.  (I have my first root canal scheduled for this summer.)

    Rachel and I have season passes to Six Flags Great Adventure because we love roller coasters. (I have not tried the Joker yet though.)  Derek goes to karate several times a week, Junior Black Belt, has  a goal to rewatch many of the Star Wars and Avenger movies this summer, and is working on his "six pack."  Keith keeps busy with his regular work schedule, yard work, and growing vegetables in the garden.  I go running EVERY DAY, and have been rewatching Little House on the Prarie along with several different reality shows, Big Brother & The Bachelorette to name two.  If I include my oldest that "moved out," Ryan has been happily setting up his apartment and is looking forward to taking a road trip up north (Maine & Massachusetts) for a week.

    My summer 2021:  Very thankful to have a traditional summer, unlike 2020, and no surgeries for my daughter (2018, spinal fusion; 2019, bunion; 2020, same bunion again - all surgeries at Shriner's Philadelphia - love that hospital!)

    My summer 2020:  A very simple summer, my daughter Rachel had bunion surgery at Shriners Hospital in the beginning of the summer.  In August, Rachel had oral surgery and had her wisdom teeth removed.  Those events filled my summer.

    My summer 2019:  This summer was busy from beginning to end.  My oldest son, Ryan gradutated from Central Bucks East High School, we went on a 10 day Royal Caribbean Cruise in the beginning of July (to celebrate my husband's 50th birthday and my parents' 50th Anniversary), my daughter, Rachel, had bunion surgery, and finally I moved my son into his college dorm.

    My oldest son, Ryan, is 18 years old and is beginning his college career at West Chester University as a Communication Disorders Major (undergraduate degree towards speech and language pathology).  He has a passion for singing and composing choral music.  He just auditioned for the University Choirs and made the Mastersingers Choir.  He would like to minor in music composition.

    My daughter Rachel just turned 16 over the summer and will be starting at Central Bucks East High School in their Autistic Support Program.  She had spinal fusion surgery last summer (with a great recovery) and this summer had her first of two bunion surgeries.  We have been to Shriners Hospital in Philadelphia for both procedures and are very happy with that hospital.

    My youngest son, Derek, is going into 6th grade and we have been working on improving his reading and math skills this summer.  His favorite thing to do is watch YouTube videos and play on his Switch, but of course we still make him help with the yard work and pick vegetables (and weeds) in our garden.  He takes karate at the East West Karate dojo in Jamison.

    My husband, Keith, has been selling cars for the past 30 years. He worked at Davis Pontiac in Richboro until they closed several years ago, and since then he has been at O’Neil Buick GMC in Warminster.  Next summer we look forward to having a summer off from surgeries and will possibly get season passes to Dorney Park because Rachel and I love roller coasters and the rest of my family likes water rides.


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     2015 Fisherman's Village Punta Gorda, Florida
    My Family August 2014
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    Some favorite 2014 summer pictures.  On July 4th, my side of the family had a large family reunion in Albany, New York.  My in-laws live across the bay from OC, Maryland, in Ocean Pines.  We are fortunate that they have a lot of fun water toys to enjoy.  We visited in August in order to have another family reunion and to celebrate.  Both my in-laws turned 70 in 2014 and we had formal beach pictures taken.  All 5 sons and their families were in the pictures (13 grandchildren).  In case you were wondering, that is me water skiing and I am on the raft with my 3 children.
    July 4   picnic   boys on dock
     Pop-Pop's boat   crazy raft ride
    Stephanie skiing   70 shirts   family
    13 grandchildren   5 sons
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    Some favorite photos. 
    We had a wonderful vacation in Disney World in 2012.  I was so touched when so many of the characters gave my children extra special attention; they were so kind and patient with Rachel (autistic).  I was thrilled because she loved all the characters and enjoyed all the rides.  A truly MAGICAL vacation!
    Ryan     Rachel
    Pirate   Handy   Belle   Rapunzel   Posing   Thunder Mt   Animal Kingdom
    Mick and Goof