• Sixth Grade Humanities

    I. Textbooks
         A. History Alive, The Ancient World, Grade 6
         B. Ancient Civilizations, Harcourt Horizons
    II. Units
         A. People of the Stone Agemesopotamia21
         B. Southwest Asia
         C. Ancient Egypt
         D. Ancient Nubia
         E. Ancient China
         F. Ancient India and Persia
         G. The Olmecs and the Mayans
         H. The Aztecs and the Incas
         I. Current Events
    III. Essential Questions
         A. How and why do cultures interact, develop and change?
         B. How does geography affect the growth and development of civilization?
         C. What are the values and beliefs that have shaped government over time?
         D. What impact does trade/economics have on the organization and daily life of people?
    IV. Possible Novels
         A. Homesick
    V. Possible Supplemental Units
         A. Stock Market
         B. Seven Wonders of the Ancient World