• First Grade

    Pennsylvania Young Reader’s Choice Award Program Masterlist for 2006-2007

    Kindergarten to Grade 3

    Frank Asch Mr. Maxwell's Mouse


    Kids Can Press
    Karen Beaumont I Ain't Gonna Paint No More!
    Lynne Bertrand The Granite Baby Farrar, Straus & Giroux
    Nina Crews

    The Neighborhood Mother Goose


    Kate Di Camillo

    Mercy Watson to the Rescue


    Lisa Campbell Ernst

    Hannah Mae O'Hannigan's Wild West Show

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    Simon & Schuster
    Robert Kinerk

    Timothy Cox will Not Change His Socks


    Simon & Schuster
    Barbara Knutson

    Love and Roast Chicken


    Alison McGhee

    Mrs. Watson Wants Your Teeth


    Jon J. Muth Zen Shorts Scholastic
    Laura Numeroff

    Beatrice Doesn't Want To

    Margie Palatini

    Bad Boys


    Katherine Tegen
    April Pulley Sayre

    Stars Beneath Your Bed


    Judith Schachner

    Skippyjon Jones


    Judy Sierra

    Wild About Books


    Pennsylvania Young Reader's Choice Awards Program Grades K-3 Book Talk/Slide Tape Script 2006-2007

    Book Talk Script for the Pennsylvania Young Reader’s Choice Awards Program
    Kindergarten to Grade 3 2006-2007


    Students from all over Pennsylvania are going to read and choose their favorite book in the Pennsylvania Young Reader's Choice Award Program which is sponsored by the Pennsylvania School Librarians Association. Last year students in Kindergarten to Grade 3 chose Superdog: Heart of a Hero by Caralyn Buehner as their favorite book. This year we have another list of interesting, exciting, humorous, and action-packed books for you to enjoy. Which will be your favorite? Which book will be the favorite in Pennsylvania?

    Asch, Frank. Mr. Maxwell’s Mouse. (Illustrated by Devin Asch)

    Mr. Howard Maxwell is a cat, a very dapper business cat. He wears three piece suits, walks on his hind legs, and lives and works in a city much like London. Mr. Maxwell has just been promoted and has come for lunch at his favorite restaurant, the Paw and Claw. He decides to order a special raw mouse to celebrate. Raw mouse-- as in ALIVE! What would you do if your lunch suddenly started a conversation with you? Read this hysterically funny book and watch the pictures closely for one very good time!

    Beaumont, Karen. I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More! (Illustrated by David Catrow)

    Hey, kids! Grab your paintbrush and join the fun as we paint ourselves from head to toe! Uh oh! Look at the mess we’ve made. What will mother say? Do you think she will appreciate our artistic endeavors or will there be big time trouble? Find out in I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More!

    Bertrand, Lynne. Granite Baby. (Illustrated by Kevin Hawkes)

    In the mountains of New Hampshire five mountain sized sisters could do just about ANYTHING but when Beryl, a very talented stone cutter carved herself a Lil Fella, they couldn’t handle him. He hollered from noon to midnight and midnight to dawn. The neighbors in Maine could hear his ruckus. It takes young Nell, who has lots of brothers and sister, no time at all to calm the Lil Fella. What is her secret?

    Crews, Nina. The Neighborhood Mother Goose.

    Celebrate forty Mother Goose rhymes through the lovely photographs of a Brooklyn neighborhood. See a modern day Jack jump over a candlestick. Wish upon a twinkling star. Discover what a cobbler is. It is all happening in the rollicking, magical neighborhood of Nina Crew’s Mother Goose.


    DiCamillo, Kate. Mercy Watson: to the Rescue. (Illustrated by Chris Van Dusen)

    Mercy is Mr. and Mrs. Watson’s much-loved pig, but they prefer to call her a “porcine wonder.” They sing her to sleep every night in her very own cozy bed, engraved with a big “M” on the headboard. Mercy dreams of her favorite food, “hot buttered toast with a great deal of butter on it.” Unfortunately, she wakes up in the middle of the night feeling afraid, so she joins Mr. and Mrs. Watson in their bed. They happily sleep together until they hear a “BOOM! CRACK!” Mercy scampers from the Watson’s bed as a hole opens under it. Can Mercy save Mr. and Mrs. Watson from falling through the hole and will she find the buttered toast she scampered off to locate? Read this hilarious adventure to find out.


    Ernst, Lisa Campbell. Hannah Mae O'Hannigan's Wild West Show.

    Hannah Mae O’Hannigan was born to be a buckaroo, the best cowgirl in the wild, wild west. How can you tame wild varmints when you live in the city? When her parents promise that she can visit Uncle Coot who lives in the West, Hannah Mae begins some serious training. She ties together the drapery cords and ropes her stuffed animals. She rounds up her herd of pet store hamsters and drives them through the house. At night she sings cowboy songs to serenade them to sleep. She even practices some fancy riding on her pony Sassafras. At last she heads out west to see Uncle Coot. Find out how all this training helps Hannah Mae make rodeo history.


    Kinerk, Robert. Timothy Cox Will Not Change His Socks. (Illustrated by Stephen Gammell)

    Timothy Cox is a young man who always follows through on his ideas. So, when he has the idea to keep wearing the same pair of socks without washing them for one complete month, he tells his dachshund Walt that he will do it and starts that very day! How long before he is banned from his school room? How long before his parents ask him to move out of his room? Can Timmy really wear them for a full month? Read this very funny story in rhyme and see what happens!


    Knutson, Barbara. Love and Roast Chicken: A Trickster Tale from the Andes Mountains.

    Cuy, the guinea pig is clever fellow, but can he hold up huge boulders, save Tio Antonio, the sly fox, from a rain of fire, and arrange a marriage for him with Florinda, a beautiful farm girl? Cuy promises all this and more to Tio Antonio, who is very hungry for a fine meal of plump guinea pig. Read Love and Roast Chicken to find out if Tio Antonio finally traps the clever guinea pig and enjoys a tasty treat in this hilarious South American trickster tale. The bold, colorful woodcuts in this Peruvian folk tale are magnificent, and its fun to learn lots of new Spanish words listed in the glossary at the end of the story.


    McGhee, Alison. Mrs. Watson Wants Your Teeth. (Illustrated by Harry Bliss)

    Is Mrs. Watson, first grade teacher, really a three hundred year old alien? Does she really steal baby teeth? What a quandary for a poor first grader who has a loose tooth. She is afraid to speak. She is afraid to eat. She is afraid to open her mouth for anything! Discover what happens when her tooth pops out of her mouth! Second graders are such a font of reliable information.


    Muth, Jon J. Zen Shorts.

    What is truly a gift? Can misfortune become good luck? What is the cost of anger? A gentle panda called Stillwater befriends 3 children and attempts to answer these questions. Through his imaginative storytelling, Stillwater helps Addy, Mark and Michael ponder love and enlightenment. This introduction to Zen Buddhism is a treat not to be missed.

    Numeroff, Laura. Beatrice Doesn’t Want To. (Illustrated by Lynn Munsinger)

    Do you have a younger sister or brother whom you sometimes have to take along with you? Or are you the younger sister or brother who is always tagging along? Well, Beatrice is Henry’s younger sister, and Henry has to watch her while he does a school report at the library. Guess what? Beatrice doesn’t want to! Watch the pictures to see Bea and Henry’s many expressions as they figure out how both of them can have a good time.


    Palatini, Margie. Bad Boys

    Heard all those “big bad wolf” stories? Willy and Wally Wolf are pleased that you have and proud as can be of their reputations. Did I mention that they are up to no good again? Yup, costumes, makeup and a ‘sheepish’ plan to get another good meal. Do they succeed? You will have to visit this book and see if they can “pull the wool” over the ewe’s eyes.


    Sayre, April Pulley. Stars beneath Your Bed: The Surprising Story of Dust (Illustrated by Ann Jonas)

    What are those interesting (disgusting) bits of things under your bed? Are they stars? Or something not quite as cool? Dust can be more than you think! Dust can be part of a butterfly’s wings - or it could be part of a dog’s fur – or it even could be part of a dinosaur. Dust can come from as far away as a comet or the moon. Or it could be as close as under your bed. Discover the truth about these interesting particles by reading Stars beneath Your Bed.


    Schachner, Judy. Skippyjon Jones.

    Come and join Skippyjon Jones on one of his outlandish adventures. Skippyjon is a hyperactive Siamese cat with an oversized imagination. His ears are too big for his head and his head is too big for his body. His imagination tends to run away with him during a time out in his room. He imagines himself to be Skippito, a great Spanish sword fighting chihuaha. Read this book and discover how Skippito defeats the bumblebee bandito.


    Sierra, Judy. Wild About Books. (Illustrated by Marc Brown)

    Librarian Molly McGraw accidentally drives her bookmobile into the zoo. All of the animals go wild about books as they listen to the librarian read a Dr. Seuss story. Find out if Molly can find the perfect book for each animal by visiting the Zoobrary.


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