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    This list is divided into three levels by difficulty:

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    Level 1

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    Animal Studies

    Do ants like cheese or sugar better?

    What foods do meal worms prefer?

    Does holding a mirror in front of a fish change what a fish does?

    What color of birdseed do birds like best?

    Do mint leaves repel ants?

    Which travels faster-a snail or a worm?

    On which surface can a snail move faster-dirt or cement?

    How far does a snail travel in one minute?

    How much can a caterpillar eat in one day?


    Comparative Studies

    What kind of juice cleans pennies best?

    Do watches keep time the same?

    How does omitting an ingredient affect the taste of a cookie?

    Do suction cups stick equally well to different surfaces?

    Which cheese grows mold the fastest?


    Consumer Testing

    What brand of raisin cereal has the most raisins?

    Which dish soap makes the most bubbles?

    Which paper towel is the strongest?

    With which type of battery do toys run the longest?

    Which laundry detergent works the best?


    Human Studies

    In my class who is taller-boys or girls?

    Does anyone in my class have the same fingerprints?

    In my class, who has the biggest feet boys or girs?

    Which student in class has the greatest lung capacity?

    In my class, who has the smallest hands-boys or girls?

    How far can a person lean without falling?


    Plant Studies

    Do roots of a plant always grow downward?

    Can plants grow without soil?

    Will bananas brown faster on the counter or in the refrigerator?

    Does temperature affect the growth of plants?

    Can plants grow from the leaves?

    Do different kinds of apples have the some number of seeds?

    Do bigger seeds produce bigger plants?

    Of what is the soil is my schoolyard made?

    Does a plant grow bigger if watered with milk or water?


    Physical Sciences


    Can the design of a paper airplane make it fly farther?

    Do wheels reduce friction?

    What holds two boards together better a nail or a screw?

    Does a ball-roll farther on grass or dirt?

    Do all objects fall to the ground at the same speed?

    What kind of things do magnets attract?

    How can you measure the strength of a magnet?

    How much salt does it take to float an egg?

    Does water with salt boil faster than plain water?

    Does on ice cube melt faster in air or water?

    Can you tell what something is just by touching it?

    Can you tell where sound comes from when you are blindfolded?

    Can things be identified by just their smell?

    Does the length of a vibrating object affect sound?




    Does a bath take less water than a shower?

    Does warm water freeze faster than cool water?

    How long will it take a drop of food dye to color a glass of still water?

    Which materials absorb the most water?

    What materials dissolve in water?

    Which dissolves better in water - salt or baking soda?


    Level 2

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    Animal Studies

    Does an earthworm react to light and darkness?

    Does surrounding color affect an insect's eating habits?

    Do different kinds of caterpillars eat different amounts of food?

    How do meal worms react to various surface?

    Do meal worms prefer light of dark environments?



    Consumer Testing

    Which brand of popcorn pops the most kernels?

    Which brand of popcorn pops the fastest?

    Which brand of diaper holds the most water?

    What type of cleaner removes ink stains best?

    Which brand of soap makes the most suds?

    Which plastic trash bag is the strongest?

    Which house plant fertilizer works best?

    Does temperature affect the results of a soft drink challenge?

    Which brand of disposable diaper absorbs the most liquid?


    Human Studies

    Can you tell time without a watch or clock?

    Is using two eyes to judge distance more accurate than using oneeye?

    Do boys or girls have a higher resting heart rate?

    Do taller people run faster than shorter people?

    Who can balance better on the balls of their feet-boys or girls?

    Does exercise affect heart rate?


    Plant Studies

    Do different types of soil hold different amounts ofwater?

    Will adding bleach to the water of a plant reduce fungus growth?

    Does sugar prolong the life of cut flowers?

    How much of an orange is water?

    Does the color of light affect plant growth?

    Do plants grow bigger in soil or water?

    How much weight can a growing plant lift?

    Does it matter in which direction seeds are planted?

    Do living plants give off moisture?

    What plant foods contain starch?


    Physical Science


    Which liquid has the highest viscosity?

    Will more air inside a basketball make it bounce higher?

    Do all colors fade at the same rate?

    Does a baseball go farther when hit by a wood or metal bat?

    What kind of glue holds two boards together better?

    Does the width of a rubber band affect how far it will stretch?

    Can you use a strand of human hair to measure air moisture?

    How far can a water balloon be tossed to someone before it breaks?

    Does the shape of a kite affect its flight?

    Using a lever, can one student lift another larger student?

    What gets warmer faster-sand or soil?

    In which way does the wind blow most frequently?

    Will a ball bounce higher if it is dropped at a greater distancefrom the floor?

    Do sugar crystals grow faster in tap water or distilled water?

    What common liquids are acid, base or neutral?

    What determines how fast a piece of candy dissolves?

    Will a rubber band stretch the some distance every time that thesame amount of weight is attached to it?




    Does baking soda lower the temperature of water?

    Does the color of water affect its evaporation?

    Can you separate salt from water by freezing?

    Will water with salt evaporate faster than water without salt?

    What type of soil filters water best?

    Level 3

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    Animal Studies

    How do different environments affect the regeneration of plan-aria?

    How do day-old domestic chicks behave?

    What are the humidity preferences of a flour beetle?

    How does earthworm population relate with soil type?


    Consumer Testing

    Which home smoke detector is most sensitive?

    Which engine oil reduces friction the most?

    Which home insulation works best?

    Which self-adhesive floor tile resists wear the most?


    Comparative Studies

    What factors affect the growth of bread mold?

    What type of oil has the greatest density?

    How is the rate of melting snow affected by color?

    Which type of sunglass lens blocks the most light?

    Which materials keep ice cubes from melting for the longest time?

    Which amount of air space is the best insulator for storm windows?


    Human Studies

    Does the human tongue have definite areas for certaintastes?

    Do children's heart rates increase as they get older?

    Does heart rate increase with increasing sound volume?

    Can you see better if you limit the light that gets to your eye?

    How accurately do people judge temperature?

    How does coffee affect blood pressure?


    Plant Studies

    Does a green plant add oxygen to its environment?

    What percentage of corn seeds in a package will germinate?

    How much of an apple is water?

    Does a plant need some darkness to grow?

    What are the effects of chlorine on plant growth?

    How does centrifugal force affect the germination of corn seeds?

    How does light direction affect plant growth?

    How does light direction affect plant growth?


    Physical Sciences


    Which type of line carries sound waves best?

    Which metal conducts heat best?

    Can same-type balloons withstand the same amount of pressure?

    Does the viscosity of a liquid affect its boiling point?

    What materials provide the best insulation?

    What keeps things colder - plastic wrap or aluminum foil?

    Do liquids cool as they evaporate?

    Does the size of a light bulb affect its energy use?

    For how long a distance can speech be transmitted through a tube?

    Does the color of a material affect its absorption of heat?

    Does sound travel best through solids, liquids or gases?

    Is the amount of erosion affected by the slope of land?

    How much heat is absorbed by a closed automobile?




    Can the sun's energy be used to clean water?

    What types of bacteria are found in tap water?


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