• Tentative Units Planned for This Year


    Mr. Beal  4th Grade


    Bridges Math Program: New to 4th grade in 2019-2020.  Students are expected to know their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division basic facts at the beginning of 4th grade. Some review of these facts will be part of the math program, but higher level math concepts will be the emphasis of this challenging program.




    Animal Study, Magnetism & Electricity, Land & Water, other Science Investigations. Learning to observe, write observations and use observations to make accurate conclusions.


    PENNSYLVANIA: Location, borders and boundaries, Native Americans (including a trip to the Churchville Nature Center’s Lenape Village in October), natural features and major cities, William Penn and his acquisition of the land, PA and the New Nation (Revolutionary War times).

    REGIONS OF THE UNITED STATES: Names & locations of regions, names and locations of states within the region, history of the region’s development, and special features.


    Taught once per week. Keyboarding, Exact Path, First in Math, power point, educational games. Internet for research. PSSA Preparation.


    Word lists are chosen from the "Journeys" language arts series.  An “open book” Student Edit is given each week to practice skills in proofreading, as well as finding unknown words in the Dictionary, Franklin Speller etc. A final test on the word list will be given.


    ◊ Storing all papers in folders until needed.  These papers would include notes taken in Math, Soc. Studies, Science.  Students record all grades on their Grade Recording Form and store this safely.  Take home folder utilized for papers from the school.  A Math Notebook will be kept with the topic packets and other relevant papers stored inside.


    ◊ Test Preparation and Study Skills: note taking of material read or discussed, using notes to study for tests, preparing for tests well before test date.  All tests and quizzes will be announced and written for homework several days prior to the test date. Nightly reviews of material covered will increase the probability of success on quizzes and tests.


    ◊ Students become more responsible for their own work.  Pack own school bag, write down all assignments etc.  Use calendars for long term assignments and test dates.


    ◊ Students will keep a record of all of their grades on the Grade Recording Form (GRF).  Students will learn to use a calculator to determine their current and final averages in all subjects listed on the GRF.  Parents may check the GRF any time throughout the marking period.  Evaluations in all subjects will be reviewed with the student prior to the distribution of report cards.


    ◊ All homework assignments written down in the school assignment book on a daily basis.  Parents do not need to sign homework unless there is a problem.  Parents should continue to check homework book nightly.  Teacher will spot check homework books.


    ◊ Self selection of children’s novels for Reading.  Responding to literature in a variety of written and oral forms.  Maintaining a Daily Reading Log.


    ◊ Self selection of pieces of writing.  Following the Writing Process for these pieces of writing.