• Back to School 2021-22!

     Early Morning Hike


    Dear Parents,

                I hope this summer has been relaxing and rejuvenating for you!  
            This school year I will be working in 3rd grade with Mrs. Knell and in 2nd grade Mrs. Murphy. I am excited to be able to continue working with previous students while guiding them through all the new challenges and experiences  that come with a new grade level. Our goal, as always, is to do our best to ensure our students are safe, happy, and learning. 
           As the special education teacher, I take on a few differnt roles.  First, I support students in the general education class in science and social studies  (as well as math and language arts as determined by the student's IEP).  In addition, I also have my own classroom (C-3) where I work with students individually or in various small groups for math and language arts along with social skills and social emotional learning (again, as determined by IEPs).  This arrangement gives the student the opportunity to learn in ways that are geared to her or his specific needs and learning styles.  
          I believe the classroom should be a place that is positive and team oriented. It is a place where we support one another with acceptance and respect.  Each student should have many opportunities to feel successful while being appropriately challenged.  Mistakes are a vital part of the learning process and we try to view them as opportunities for growth, not "failures."  My dad, who used to teach ski lessons on the weekends, always used to reassure me, "If youre not falling, you're not learning." I've found this idea to be just as true for reading, writing, and mathematical problem solving!
          Overall, I hold the expectation that each student will  work towards a higher level of independence and responsibility.  As a learning support teacher, I understand that this expectation may look a little different for each of us. Second and third grades are a whole new world for students!  There are so many exciting, interesting, and fun things in store for your child! I am thrilled to be working with a great team.  I know we are all going to have a terrific year together with your children!
          I hope you all enjoy the last few weeks of summer!   I look forward to seeing you and your wonderful children!

    Mrs. Glidden