Hello there my new fifth grade students!!!


             My name is Mr. Kohlmayer and I am your fifth grade teacher.  I am so excited that you are in my class this year.  Fifth grade is an amazing year. It is a great time to meet new friends and create lifelong memories.  It is a time for building confidence and becoming secure with yourself as a learner.  It is a time of believing in your abilities and taking control of your learning. Expectations are high but there will be plenty of guidance and help along the way.


             I have been at Churchville for a while now and I love being a fifth grade teacher. I have 2 daughters,  Cara who is 22 and Leah who is 20.  I also have three small dogs-Molly and Annie and Abby.  Life is very "eventful" in my house!!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer  and were able to relax and enjoy themselves.  

              As you prepare for your fifth grade adventure, Please don't be nervous. Fifth grade is an excting time in your life.  It will be full of laughter, friendships and new levels of learning. We will work as a classroom family and do the best that we can together.   You have worked hard this past year and you are ready to move forward,  I do need you all to bring three special things with you that are not on your supply list.  Please bring a kind heart for caring for the people around you.  An open mind which will allow you to accept each other’s differences, and finally, the ability to laugh-especially at my jokes.  If you could do those three things for me, I know we can build a strong classroom community that will grow throughout our year together.


              We still have a week or so before we begin our adventure together. So while you wait for our journey to begin, be sure to do the following things... Go outside and enjoy the sun, laugh 10 times a day, but most of all enjoy your family and the people that care about you. Also-if you have a chance to ride a roller coaster -do it!   I can't wait to meet you and begin our classroom family!


    See you soon,


    Mr. Kohlmayer