• FAQ about being a puppeteer in

     Kids on the Block

    Do I have to be an actor?
    No.  Many of the people that troupe do not participate in the plays /musicals at school.  Some people want the opportunity to talk to younger students.

    How much time commitment is required?
    Rehearsal is once a week after school until we start trouping.  We troupe to the 10 elementary schools prior to spring break and senior week.  Think of it as an extended winter sport.
    The really cool part is, once you learn your part, you don't need to come to all the rehearsals and you have the same part every year.
    What a minute - you said we don't have to be actors.  Why are there tryouts?
    That is true.  Tryouts are to match people with characters.  Each puppet has a personality and we are looking for a good fit between puppeteer and puppet.

    When are the performances?
    The performances at the elementary schools are during the school day.  Many are in the morning, but there are a few n the afternoon.  We generally leave after 1st period and return between 4/6 period. 

    How do we get to the schools?
    A school district bus is provided for the trip to and from each school.

    Do I have to go to all the elementary schools?

    No.  There are 10 elementary schools.  You would miss 10 days of classes.  We prefer that you troupe to two.  Some people troupe at one school, some go to as many as five It depends on class schedules and your teachers.

    I am shy.  This sounds fun though - do I have to troupe?

    The great thing about this is that the puppets are approximately 3 - 4 feet tall and as a puppeteer, you wear all black.  After the first 30 seconds, the student's eyes are on the puppet.  We suggest you try one time to experience it.

    The puppets seem old fashioned.  Do they have a place in the digital age?
    Yes, they do.  It is important that we continually deliver messages in other mediums besides electronic.  The third grade students love the puppets because they are so large.  Good puppeteers make their puppets "come alive"
    How many LINCS hours do we get?
    The number of hours awarded is variable.  There is a minimum of 6 LINCS after your first performance.  Additional hours are awarded for multiple performances.


Last Modified on September 2, 2016