• Book Checkout Guidelines
       Each week the students come to the Library to hear stories and learn new skills that will help them to become lifelong independent learners.
       In addition to the Library lesson for the week students are invited to check out books.  The books are meant to be kept for one week. Students may opt to renew a book or two if they need additional time to finish reading it.
       We put the books in two groups for the younger readers (K-2). The two groups are "I Read" and "I Share". An "I Read" is a book that a child can read or almost read by himself/herself. An "I Share" is a book where the children can read some of the words but will need to share it with someone older to read the entire book.
    Below are the Book Checkout Guidelines for the Library
             September-December--One book, pre-selected, from the picture book section.
             January-June--self-selection from the picture book section
    First Grade:
              Two books-- One "I Read"  from the picturebook section 
              and one "I Share" from anywhere in the Library.  
    Second Grade:
               Two books-- One "I Read" from the storybook section and 
               one "I Share" from anywhere in the Library.
    Third Grade:
               Three books of their choice
    Fourth Grade:
               Four books of their choice
    Fifth Grade:
               Five books of their choice
    Sixth Grade:
               Six books of their choice

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