• Improving Comprehension

    Preparing for Standardized Tests
         Reading comprehension is a part of most standardized tests.  How can you help your child improve his understanding of what he reads?  Try a "paired reading" with your youngster.
    1.  First, you and your child silently read the same part of the story, an article, or a textbook.  Try two or three paragraphs to start.
    2.  Next, listen while your youngster summarizes aloud what he has just read,  He might say, "I learned that sedimentary rocks are made from pressure."  After he's finished summarizing, offer your corrections or additions to what you heard.  Example:  "We also learned that igneous rocks come from cooling lava."
    3.  Then take turns reading another two or three parapgraphs and changing up the roles.  Switch back and forth until the whole story, article, or chapter is read.
    NOTE:  This activity is a good study aid for subjects like science or history-and it builds good listening skills.
    Have fun!