1. Movement Forms

         The district physical education program fosters on movement forms  so that all students:

    1.1 Use a variety of basic and advanced movement forms.

    2.  Motor Skills  

          The district physical education  program fosters the development of motor skills so that students:

    2.1 Use movement concepts and principles in the development of motor skills.

    3. Physical Activity

         The district physical education program focuses on physical activity so that all students:

     3.1 Understand the life long benefits associated with physical activity.                                                         

    4. Life Long Fitness

         The district physical education program promotes life long fitness so that all students:

    4.1 Understand how to monitor and maintain a health-enhancing level of physical fitness.

    5. Acceptable Social Behavior

          The district physical education program includes attention to acceptable social behavior so that all students:

    5.1 Demonstrate and understand the personal responsiblities associated with participation in a physically active setting (e.g.; communcation, negotiation, leadership,honesty, integrity, sportsmanship , responsible personal and social behavior, sense of self worth, respect and tolerance of others.)