• First Grade Word Study/Spelling
    List 1   List 2   List 3   List 4   List 5   List 6  
    up   to   am   are   you   so  
    said   me   is   see   the   he  
    have   on   in   can   all   or  
    a   it   go   big   and   this  
    I   my   at   for   with   like  
    List 7   List 8   List 9   List 10   List 11   List 12  
    if   now   man   six   ten   sat  
    be   do   way   cat   she   boy  
    we   as   not   sit   box   out  
    us   an   one   bed   red   run  
    no   but   bus   car   sun   ran  
    List 13   List 14   List 15   List 16   List 17   List 18  
    dog   end   got   let   hit   them  
    his   get   dad   win   ball   will  
    her   fun   cut   bad   when   then  
    has   him   yes   did   best   book  
    mad   hill   had   day   back   into  
    List 19   List 20   List 21              
    come   came   make              
    jump   play   need              
    feel   ride   most              
    good   down                  
    feet   look