• Art Curriculum



    Concepts and Elements of Art

    Artworks Focused in Curriculum


    Students will...

    *review basic skills like drawing, cutting, and identification of shapes and colors.

    *learn to work with shape, color, balance, and planned pattern.

    *learn that... art can be narrative, art can imply movement or move

    Students will be looking at...

    *The Cave Paintings at Lascaux (France)

    *The Architecture of the Taj Mahal (India) and St. Basil’s Cathedral (Russia)

    *The painting Peasant Wedding by Brueghel and the painting Broadway Boogie Woogie by Mondrian

    *The Lobster Tail and Fish Trap mobile by Alexander Calder

    Second Students will learn that...

    * art can be about real life or fantasy

    * some artists are self-taught

    *colors are arranged on a color wheel

    * art can be constructed to be three-dimensional or include fibers

    * art can contain symbols

    and lines have direction and dimension

    Students will be looking at...

    *The paintings of Henri Rousseau, Edward Hicks, and Horace Pippin

    *The Totem Poles of Northwest Native Americans, The African Benin Masks

    *The Architecture and Engineering of the Eiffel Tower and the Brooklyn Bridge


    Students will learn that...

    *art uses pictorial balance and can look real

    *artists can be trained in art schools

    *groups can work together to create art and art can be about special people

    *art can be symmetrical

    *monuments are sculptural and architectural

    Students will be looking at...

    *The paintings of Auguste Renior, Mary Cassatt, Thomas Eakins, and Edgar Degas.

    *Egyptian Art

    (King Tutenkhamun’s Tomb, The Great Sphinx, and The Bust of Queen Nefertiti)

    *The monuments: Stonehenge (England), Great Pyramids at Giza (Egypt), and Chichen Itza (Mexico)


    Students will learn that...

    *basic shapes can be drawn as geometric forms

    *in architecture "form can follow function"

    *art can contain tactile and visual textures

    *art can be public and private

    *modern materials are used for modern sculpture and architecture

    *2-D art includes land-, city-, and sea-scapes

    Students will be looking at...

    *The Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, Mies van der Rohe, Philip Johnson, and I.M. Pei

    *The sculptures of Claes Oldenburg and Louise Nevelson

    *The paintings of Vincent Van Gogh, Winslow Homer, Hokusai, and Georges Seurat


    Students will learn that...

    *art can be symbolic

    *portraits in art can be realistic or abstract and in multiple images

    *the proportions of the human figure and face can be learned and applied to art through contour and gesture drawing

    *architecture can fit into the environment and can be built as a community

    *art contains balance, unity and variety

    Students will be looking at...

    *The portrait paintings of Leonardo da Vinci, Diego Velasquez, Frida Kahlo, Andy Warhol, and Henri Matisse.

    *The sculptures of the Terra Cotta Army (China), the Great Buddha at Kamakura (Japan), and the artist Marisol Escobar

    *The Architecture of Machu Picchu (Peru), Forbidden City(China), Mesa Verde(USA), and Arcosanti (Paolo Soleri, USA)


    Students will learn that...

    *colors are organized based on specific theories of relationships

    *still life is a subject in art

    *art can have radial balance

    *there are elements of classical architecture and sculpture may be a part of architecture

    *sculpture can be in the round or in the relief

    *art may be decorative and used to enhance other things

    *how we see art is affected by the artist’s intent and our perspective of the subject

    Students will be looking at...

    *The paintings of Paul Cezanne, Claude Monet, Georgia O’Keefe, and Vincent Van Gogh.

    *The Architecture of the Parthenon (Greece), the Villa Rotunda (Italy), and Monticello (by Thomas Jefferson in Virginia).

    *The sculpture and relief sculpture of the Parthenon, the Descent of the River Ganges (India), and the Gates of Paradise (Italy).