• Richboro Elementary Mosaic Mural

    Winter spring tile mosaic
    Winter                                                                 Spring
    Summer tile mosaic fall tile mosaic
    Summer                                                              Autumn

    2006-2007 Mosaic Mural Project at Richboro Elementary School

         Beginning in the fall students at Richboro Elementary School worked with Doylestown-based tile artist Katia McGuirk to create a large-scale tile mosaic mural for the lobby of the school.

         Each student designed his or her own tile to contribute to the mosaic. The visual theme of the mural is a natural landscape that includes flora and fauna of our region as well as symbols of the four seasons.

         Also incorporated into the design is a quote by David Everett (1770-1813) reading, "Large streams from little fountains flow, tall oaks from little acorns grow."

         Special thanks to the RSA for supporting this project. Creating the mosaic was a fun and creative process that involved the entire school community. Its presence has transformed our school and created a lovely work of art to be enjoyed for generations to come.