• Mosaic Mural Installation
    February 2007 - Richboro Elementary Lobby
    a Preparing the walls
    1 "Before"
     setting dedication plaque Setting the signature plaque
    5 The end of day one
    6 By the end of day two, all the student tiles are set!
    winter final Winter
    9 Parents volunteer for the setting.
    10 Everyone works together.
    11 Day three: setting the tiles around the dogwood tree
    12 The mosaic pieces fit together like a puzzle.
    13 Many parents were involved.
    14 By day four the mosiac is full of tiles.
    17 The pieces fill the entire wall.
    18 Day five is grouting day. Grout goes between every tile.
    19 It is sandy and looks dry.
    20 Grouting takes all day.
    22 A beveled edge runs along the perimeter.
    23 The tiles are brushed and buffed.
    24 After a week of hard work, the mosaic is complete!