• Welcome to Council Rock North, Class of 2024! 

    As your school Counselors, our goal is to work collaboratively with you and your parents and to provide support in your academic endeavors, emotional growth and social development. The Council Rock High School North Counseling & Career Center is an excellent resource and we trust you will take advantage of it throughout your high school career. It is located on the first floor east, just beyond the main entrance, and contains many resources on college and career exploration. You will also find information on scholarships there. 

  • Counselor Assignments

    Grade Level Principal: Nathan Scott

    Students are assigned to counselors alphabetically. Below is a list of counselor assignments for current 9th graders: 


     Joe DeMaio


     Stephen Hrabyk


     Abby Rogers


     Deb Maccarella


     Lori Katz


     Teresa Callanan


     Cristina Rabayda

    Your assigned counselor will remain with you throughout your high school career.

    Ninth grade students will be invited to meet with their individual counselor in the fall. However, if you need to see your counselor for any reason, please stop by the counseling office before school, during lunch, or after school to make an appointment. 

    We also encourage you to utilize the Counseling webpage. This site offers a great deal of information that will assist you in the years to come. The Counseling Staff sincerely looks forward to making your acquaintance and assisting you to navigate the next four years here at North. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information.

  • General Information and Student Responsibility Timeline:

    -Start off high school right! A positive attitude and good study habits go a long way to being successful in school and getting the best grades possible. Not only do your classes count toward graduation, but your grades from this year may also be considered for college admission and scholarships. For more information on study skills, visit the link to the left.

    -Home Access Center - If you have not done so already, establish a student account so that you can keep track of your grades. Pay attention to interim and end of marking period dates.

    -Naviance Student - Freshman will be provided with access to Naviance Student in late fall. Click the link below to access a power point detailing freshman Naviance Student responsiblities. Click Here to access the Naviance Student sign on and task instructions

    -Get involved! Participate in activities that interest you in school or outside of school. Attend the Activities Fair held in the lobby and cafeteria during lunches, two days in early September, to sign up for school clubs and find information on school events.

    -National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) If you are considering competing at the college level in a Division I or Division II sport, please let your counselor know. Visit http://eligibilitycenter.org for information on the NCAA Clearinghouse.

    -Learning In Neighborhood Community Service (LINCS) Council Rock has a long tradition of community involvement, and volunteer service has become a way of life in Council Rock schools. Although LINCS hours are not a requirement for graduation, 60 hours are required if you would like your service documented on your official transcript. LINCS hours may also be required for various Honor Societies. Visit the LINCS website for more information.

    -Need Academic Help?

    -Try Clinic- If you are struggling with a concept in class, and need extra support or assistance, attend clinic! Teachers are available for clinic twice a week to provide extra help to students. Clinic can also be used to make up missed quizzes or tests. Clinic days are Tuesdays and Thursdays after school. A 4:00 bus is available to provide transportation home.

    -National Honor Society (NHS) Tutors- Students can request an NHS tutor in a variety of subjects. Just visit the counseling office and fill out a request form located on the bulletin board of the waiting room. Or, consult the NHS web page for details.

    -Library Hours- The North and South libraries are open after school hours for general use and as a place to access NHS student tutors, on a limited and first come, first served basis. Visit the libraries web page for specifics.

    -9th Grade Counselor Meetings- Freshmen and their parents are invited to meet with counselors in February to discuss a four year academic plan as well as course election for 10th grade.

    -College Fair- Attend the Council Rock College Fair, hosted by CR North, on March 25, 2021, to obtain information on colleges that interest you.  Over 200 colleges and universities are invited to attend! 

    -Summer Programs- Information on Summer Enrichment Programs can be found on Naviance in the spring.