•                            Welcome Back Class of 2022!

    Grade Level Principal - Dan Griesbaum

    Counselor Assignments:

     A-Ci       J. DeMaio 

    Cl-Ga      S. Hrabyk 

    Ge-Ke     A. Rogers
    Kh-Me    D. Maccarella
    Mi-Q       L. Katz 
    R-Si       T. Callanan
    Sl-Z        C. Rabayda
     General Information/Timeline

    ·         Get off to a good start!  Continue to challenge yourself academically and focus on getting  the best grades possible

    ·         Home Access Center- Continue to access your student account so that you can keep track of your grades. Pay attention to interim and end of marking period dates.

    ·         PSAT - Register for the PSAT, offered at North on Saturday October 19, 2019.  Click Here for detailed instructions for signing up for this year's PSAT.

    ·         Continue involvement!  Keep participating in activities that interest you in school or outside of school and increase your leadership role in these activities. Attend the Activities Fair held in the lobby and cafeteria during lunches in early September. 

    ·         National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) If you are considering competing at the college level in a Division I or Division II sport, please let your counselor know. Visit http://eligibilitycenter.org for information on the NCAA Clearinghouse.

    ·         Learning In Neighborhood Community Service (LINCS) Keep working on your LINCS hours. Visit the website to learn about opportunities to help out in your community. Although LINCS hours are not a requirement for graduation, 60 hours are required if you would like your service documented on your official transcript. LINCS hours may also be required for various Honor Societies. Visit the LINCS website for more information.

    ·         Naviance Student:  Update your contact information in your Naviance Student profile. Keep using this website to explore colleges and become familiar with their requirements.   

    ·         Need Academic Help? 

                 Stay after with your teacher for Clinic! Students can receive help from their teachers at after-school clinic on Tuesday and ThursdayA 4:00 PM bus is available for transportation home.
                        National Honor Society (NHS) Tutors  Students can request an NHS tutor in a variety of subjects. Visit the counseling office and fill out a request form located on the bulletin board in     the waiting room. 

    ·         Library Hours- The North and South libraries are open after school hours for general use and as a place to access NHS student tutors on a limited and first come first served basis. Visit the libraries' web pages for specifics.

    ·         College Representatives Visits- Juniors are invited to attend college representative visits that are scheduled in the counseling office from late September through Thanksgiving. Visit the Naviance website to view the schedule and to print out a pass.

    ·        College Planning Seminars- 11th graders will attend a seminar hosted by counselors on the College Exploration Process utilizing the Naviance website in December/January.

    ·         SAT/ACT Tests- Consult with your counselor to review PSAT scores and identify the best time for you to take these tests.  Register online for these tests at collegeboard.com and act.org respectively. Visit the link to the left for specific dates and testing information.

    ·         SAT II- Consider taking the SAT Subject Tests, if required for college admission. Registration is online at collegeboard.com

    ·         Course Selection- Counselors will meet with 11th graders during the month of February for course selection, to choose classes for the following school year.

    ·         College Fair- Attend the Council Rock College Fair, hosted by CR North, on March 25, 2021 to obtain information on colleges that interest you. Over 200 colleges and universities are invited to attend.

    ·         College meetings- Individual- Meet with your counselor in the spring to identify colleges that are a good fit for you. Identify characteristics that are important to you and your family, including major, location, size, cost and extracurricular opportunities. 

    ·         Advanced Placement Exams- Prepare for these exams, if applicable, which take place during the first two weeks of May.

    ·         College Visits- Visit, visit, visit!  This is the best way to know if a college is right for you. Make sure you register for a tour and/or information session if time permits. Ask to sit in on a class in your intended major or speak with a student. Juniors are allowed three excused absences to visit colleges. A note from a parent is required to verify absence.

    ·         Summer- Keep visiting colleges that are top on your list. Create an activities resume to organize your participation in and out of school. Research scholarship opportunities in Naviance.