•  Naviance Student
    Parent Guide

    We invite you to explore Naviance Student, an online tool that assists counselors in helping students and families to investigate, research, track and plan for current and post secondary endeavors. Using your personal code, provided via email from a Naviance mailer email, you can create a parent account, following the instructions below.

     Parent Registration for Naviance Student

    1. Click here to access Naviance Student
    2. In the Are You New Here? section, click I Need to Register.
    3. In the Registration Code field, type in the registration code provided in your welcome email or by your child's counselor.
    4. Click Register.
    5. Type and confirm the required registration information.
    6. Type and confirm a password.
    7. Check the Privacy box.
    8. Click Complete Registration.

    A student or parent needs to register only once and the registration code is valid for one use only. On the next visit to Naviance Student, the student or parent will enter the selected username and password to access the site.

    Please note: Your parent account will mainly provide you with view access; it is limited to what you can do...

    Parents who have multiple children do not need to register for Naviance Student separately for each child. When the parent and student records are linked correctly, the parent can sign into one Naviance Student account and select any of his or her children to view. If you have already created an account for a previous CR North child, contact your child's counselor and they will link your current student to your previous account. 

     Click the picture below to view Naviance Student Introductory Video! Choose the Naviance Student Tour for a great overview as well.