• Things to Do While You're Hanging Out This Summermonkey

    Our second graders sure have grown this year!  Help your children continue to grow and practice what they have learned in school this year. Spend some time during the summer reading, writing, and practicing math.  Help them explore topics in which they are interested. Here are some resources to help you this summer.  
    Language Arts
    • Practice your handwriting - both print and cursive letters 
    • Finish any pages in your Journeys practice book not completed.  
    • Visit the Journeys site and read some of the books we enjoyed this year.
    • It's a good idea to practice your spelling words over the summer.  Ideas: Sort by patterns, by vowels, by rimes, your own way; brainstorm other words that look like/sound like a spelling word; write variations of the word (i.e. plays, played, playing); make up spelling activities like we did in class; write a story using some of the words; find the words in books you are reading.
    • Keep a summer journal.
    Links to Additional Resources:

    Council Rock Summer Reading Lists

    Mrs. Marshall, Goodnoe's Literacy Specialist


    Read Write Think

    • Practice some of the topics that might have been more challenging for you.
    • Continue to review three digit addition and subtraction problems with and without regrouping.
    • Review telling time to the minute.  Practice using the words "before" and "after", "half past", "quarter till".
    • Review counting groups of coins.
    • Memorize the addition and subtraction facts through 20.
    • Finish any pages in your enVision workbook not done.
    • Visit the enVision site.  Explore eTools, games, and the songs.
    • Visit the First in Math site.

    Language Arts and Math
    This is the grade two level.  There are online activities and activities you will need to print to use.
    This is the grade three level.  There are online activities and activities you will need to print to use.