Hi Kids! 

    I am so excited to meet you.

    First, I would like to tell you a little bit about myself so that you can feel more comfortable coming into my class. First of all, I am so excited to be your gifted support teacher this year!
    I am one of four children. I am best friends with my 2 brothers and 1 sister!  Hopefully you will get to meet one of my siblings, as they are sometimes known to come in and make a guest reading appearance! What do you think our birth order is?
     Then Us now!
                           Then-1981                              Now
    I must also give a shout out to my father. He is a retired Council Rock teacher of 34 years! One day he asked me to talk to his class about living in the Rocky Mountains. The minute I got into the class, I realized that teaching was my calling too! My hope is that I can be just as inspirational of a teacher as my father once was! Don't we look alike?
    Da and me
    On August 1, I celebrated 18 years of marriage with my husband. I call him the "Gentle Giant." He is 6'6" tall! He is a teacher and football coach. He is an amazing husband, and an even better father. He makes me laugh on a daily basis; we have a lot of fun together! He knows how to cheer me up when I'm feeling blue, cooks awesome soup when I am sick, is fun to globe hop with, and MOST IMPORTANTLY.. is kind to every person he meets!
    Wedded Bliss WAterfall iceland
                     Then-2004                             Now-Iceland 2018
    "The Boy One." On August 30th, 2008 I learned what the term "unconditional love" meant. Weighting 9lbs, 2 oz, Cannon Benzio was the cutest baby I had ever laid eyes on. He was the sweetest, calmest baby- he only cried when he was hungry. At 3, when the dentist told him to stop sucking his thumb- he stopped (that day- and he LOVED his thumbs, so much that they both had a name-Terrance and Wendall, lol). He is now going into 8th grade. He is sensitive, kind, smart, curious, and just down right wonderful! He is obsessed with all sports- right now football is his thing, but the minute the last game is over, you will find him picking up a basketball, then onto a baseball. He loves nature: skiing, hiking, biking, and getting dirty in the streams. He loves to read- this is a requirement of being my child. And, ugh, dare I mention that he loves Fortnite? Cannon is tall like his dad. He is almost 6'2"!
    "The Girl One." Just when I thought my life would be all footballs and boy stuff, on March 11, 2011- another wonderful blessing came into my life-Violet Joy. She is the complete opposite of her brother. She was a baby who cried 24-7, for 4 months. She was just so cute, I didn't put her down- which helped, for about a minute. She is sassy, silly, and full of energy. She fights for her beliefs on a daily basis, and stands up for what she thinks is right. She is an equestrian, which means that she is a horse back rider. You should see her gallop away! She loves nature, getting dirty, and being outside. She is the fastest skier in our family, has very little fear of anything, and hikes big mountains like a boss.  Her sweet little face brings so much sunshine to my day! Violet is entering 6th grade this year.
    Some things you will get to learn about me? I love to teach, read, write, travel, hike, bike, camp, ski/ snowboard, sing, and dance. My goal is to cram your heads with knowledge, make learning fun and exciting, and help you to fall in love with learning! You'll definitely get to hear some funny "Mrs. Benzio stories." I can't wait to get to know you better. I have 180+ days to change your life in a positive way. I look forward to giving you my all! Are you ready? 
    I am so excited for this school year. I hope you are too:)
    Warm wishes,
    Mrs. Megan Benzio