• Mrs. Lieberman
    Top Ten Things You Should Know About Me
    10. The Yardley Ice House Water Ice is one of my favorite summer time treats (specifically chocolate peanut butter and banana cream pie mixed together--YUM!).  However, we like ANY and ALL icecream!
    9.  Pilates, kickboxing, and bike riding are a few of my hobbies.
    8.  I enjoy spending time at our beach house in Ventnor, NJ.
    7.  This will be my 22nd year teaching 6th grade at Goodnoe (but I'm only 25 years old!- haha!).
    6.  I like to be called Mrs. L.
    5.  I enjoy traveling (you will hear about my travels as I incorporate my experiences into my lessons).
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    4.  My family is VERY big and we have a lot of fun together. *disclaimer:  when we see eachother we have theme dress up dinners,rent busses to take trips together, tell stories and laugh quite a bit!
    3.  I love teaching and believe that we should all try to "Make Someone Smile" every day!
    2.  I live in Newtown with my husband and 2 children.  We have a ten year old daughter named Chloe who melts my heart with her sweetness and cracks me up with her spunky personality.  She is in fifth grade at Sol Feinstone Elementary and is an avid Harry Potter fan.   Our son, Zachary is seven and will be in second grade at SFE.  Zach's laughter is contagious and he is already quite a charmer- oh and he is obsessed with all things sports and is now getting into Star Wars- so, "Talking like Yoda we do a lot!"  
    and the # 1 thing you should know about me is...
    I think SIXTH graders are the best and I LOVE teaching them to be the best they can be!