• Council Rock School District Policy



    Homework is the result of daily instruction.  Requests for homework in ADVANCE OF AN ABSENCE are not possible to honor.  When you request homework because the family is going on a vacation or knowing that your child is going to be absent on a given day we cannot provide homework in advance of the teaching that accompanies the homework.  Homework can be sent home, if a parent requests, during an illness absence.

    Many of our teachers have their homework posted to their website. The rule of thumb is: Homework cannot be sent home for skills not yet taught.


    Parent/guardian requesting homework for an absent student, please call the office by 10:00 AM for either pick-up (in the office after 3:20 PM), or sent home via sibling or friend in the school.

    For those students who may possibly be absent for an extended period of time, please contact your child’s homeroom teacher.