• Study Strategies for Tests and Quizzes
    1.  If you are studying for a vocabulary quiz or a Social Studies quiz, use the two column note method.  Remember the more you write the information down the easier it will be to remember and recall for a test.
    2.  Make flash cards
         Put the term on one side of the index card and the definition on the other side of the index card.
    3.  Ask a parent or relative to quiz you on the information.
          They can give you the word and you tell them the defintion.  Or they can give you the term and you can write down the definition.
    1.  Make sure that the answers on your quizzes are correct.  Continue to review your quizzes and class notes on a consistent basis.
    2. Once the test date is announced, work on additional problems for Math or review class notes or any study guides given by the teacher. 
    3. Use the above strategies to review test material.
    Good luck!