• DDC  
    000- 099General WorksLots of information in one book or set of books.Encyclopedias, General Reference, Computers and Codes, Oddities
    100-199Philosophy and PsychologyHow do we think?Optical Illusions, Brain Research, Question and Answer books
    200-299Religion and MythologyWhat do we believe?Religions of the World, Myths
    300-399Social ScienceHow do people get along?Communication, Education, Law, Government, Sociology, Transportation, Etiquette, Folklore, Fairy Tales
    400-499LanguageHow do people communicate?Sign language, Dictionaries, Books written many languages
    500-599Natural ScienceWhat is in this world around us?Mathematics, Astronomy, Insects, Plants, Animals, Dinosaurs
    600-699Applied ScienceHow do we make nature work for us?Medicine, Transportation, Space Travel, Cookbooks, Photography, Bridges, Construction, Pets
    700-799Arts and RecreationWhat do we do for fun and creativity?Art, How-to-draw books, Crafts, Origami, Music, Joke and Riddle books, Sports
    800-899LiteratureWe write and read.Poetry, Plays and Classic literature
    900-999Geography & HistoryWhere do we live?History, Geography, Travel, Biographies
                                                                        Alien Story   Dewey And The Alien
                                                Dewey Rap The Dewey Rap                   Flood Library Game          FLOOD