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    ACME RECEIPTS: Acme receipts are collected all year. Receipts should be sent to school in an envelope marked “Acme Receipts”. The PTO receives a percentage of the total dollar amount collected. Volunteers tally and submit the receipts monthly.

    ARTIST IN RESIDENCE: This program brings local artists into each classroom to share their particular field of expertise, such as painting, poetry, dance, sculpting, music and story telling.

    ARTMOBILE: A program run and staffed by Bucks County Community College in which a mobile “museum”is brought to school. Every class has the opportunity to go through. The exhibit changes each year.

    BINGO: A family event where each child brings a small prize as admission. Everyone gets to win a prize. This fun event usually takes place on two Friday nights in January.

    BIRTHDAY BOOKS: A program that allows parents to donate books to the Goodnoe Library to commemorate their child’s birthday or other special event. Forms will come home in the month of your child’s birthday.

    BOX TOPS: General Mills Box Tops for Education are collected all school year. Cut off the small coupon from General Mills packages and send them to school with your child. The PTO receives .10 for each box top. Volunteers submit the box tops to General Mills in Oct. & March.

    BULLETIN BOARD: PTO volunteers decorate and maintain the bulletin board located outside the cafeteria. Newspaper articles and other important information is posted here.

    DIRECTORY: A school phone book compiled and published by the PTO that includes class listings, names, addresses and phone numbers of Goodnoe families. The directory is distributed to every family that joins the PTO.

    DONATION DRIVE: A program in which items (baby items, school supplies and/or personal hygiene) are collected for a local charity. This drive takes place in the fall.

    FATHER/SON EVENT: An event designed for the boys and their fathers or other male. This is usually a sporting event (Trenton Thunder or Titans).

    FIELD DAY: An athletic event run by the gym teacher and held in late May. The PTO organizes volunteers to help at this event.

    FLEX PROGRAM: This program is run and staffed by Bucks County Community College. It provides foreign language instruction before or after school. The PTO provides an on-site volunteer for hallway supervision.

    FUNTIME FAIR: A fun filled day of activities, games and food for the whole family. It is usually held on a Saturday in early March.

    GENUARDI’S E-SCRIPT: An automated system allows the PTO to receive a percentage of the total dollar amount spent at Genuardi’s. Fill out the form and designate Goodnoe as your school of choice.

    GOODNOE ART SHOW: An art show in which a piece of artwork from every Goodnoe student (1-6) is on display. It usually takes place in May. With the guidance of the art teacher, volunteers help ready the pieces for display.

    HOLIDAYDECORATING: Volunteers decorate the rotunda for the holidays.

    INDOOR GARDENING: Volunteers maintain the plants located throughout the school.

    KIDSTUFF COUPON BOOKS: This is a fundraiser in which a book a discount coupons to area stores, restaurants and attractions is sold. The book easily pays for itself with the use of only a few coupons. This sale takes place in September.

    LUNCHROOM AIDES: Volunteers assist our 1st and 2nd graders in the cafeteria throughout the school year.

    MEMBERSHIP DRIVE: Joining the PTO helps support all the programs and events funded by the PTO. Families who join receive the PTO directory.

    MOTHER/DAUGHTER EVENT: A special event designed for the girls and their moms or other female.

    MOTHER/SON EVENT: A bowling event for the boys and their moms or other female. This event takes place in March at the Brunswick Zone in Feasterville.

    NEWSLETTER: A monthly newsletter published by the PTO and distributed to all families.

    OUTDOOR GARDENING: Volunteers maintain the landscaped areas at the front of the school.

    PHOTOGRAPHY: Volunteers attend events to take pictures for use in the yearbook and for display on the bulletin board.

    PIZZA SALE: Mom’s Bake at Home Certificates are sold for pizzas and strombolis. This sale takes place in April.

    SAF-T-NET: An outsourced automated service that provides closing, early dismissal or other important information to Goodnoe families.

    SCHOOL CLOTHING SALE: A variety of clothing and other items are available for sale bearing the Goodnoe or Council Rock logo. Sales are usually held in the fall and spring.

    SECRET GIFT SHOP: A holiday gift shop run by PTO volunteers that gives all students the opportunity to shop for holiday gifts for their families.

    SIXTH GRADE ACTIVITIES: Volunteers organize special events (dances, hand prints) for Goodnoe’s “graduating” 6th graders.

    SUNSHINE: Volunteers provide appropriate support for Goodnoe families and staff in times of need.

    SWEETHEART DANCE: A special dance for the girls and their dads or other male. This dance is held at school on a Friday night in February.

    TARGET: Open a Target Charge Card and designate Goodnoe as the recipient in Target’s Cash for Schools Program. The PTO will receive a percentage of the total amount spent each time you use your card.

    TEACHER APPRECIATION MEAL: To show our appreciation to the faculty and staff, volunteers organize a special dinner. The dinner takes place during one of the evening parent/teacher conferences.

    TRENTONSOUP KITCHEN: Each week a different class is responsible for making lunches to be delivered by PTO volunteers to the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen.

    WRAPPING PAPER SALE: Innisbrook wrapping paper and other items are sold in October or November.

    YEARBOOK: Volunteers work with an outside vendor to publish a school wide yearbook that is available to all students at cost.

Last Modified on July 24, 2009