Blue Math Funbook Sites

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    Sites for primary students


    BLUE Funbook Sites  
    "Chrysanthemum" Links  
       Word Wizard Build words from Chrysanthemum & other stories.
       Construct a Word Build words at Read Write Think.
       $100 Word Calculator Search for $100 words.
    "Diary of a Worm" Links  
       Herman the Worm Read about worms.
       Wacky Ruler A Cyberspace challenge.
      Worm World  Learn about worms & view videos.
     "Emeka's Gift" Links  
      Africa Map Match Learn about African geography.
      African Puzzle Finish the African map puzzles.
       Games Learn some Nigerian games.
       Stories from Nigeria Read short stories here.
      Thumb Piano Play some music with an instrument played all over Africa.
      Two Ways to Count to 10  
    "Measuring Penny" Links  
      Measuring Harry Measure with 2nd graders in this music video.
    "Picture Pie" Links  
      Cowboy Create from Funorama an Emberley creation.
    "The Sneetches & Other Stories" Links  
    Sneetch Belly Game Visit Seussville to order the bellies.
    "Two of Everything" Links  
    Algebra Puzzle Solve these MathPlayground logic puzzles.
    Function Machine Explore this MathPlayground machine.
    "Wanda's Roses" Links  
       Catch 10 Help make 10 strips.