• A ditloid is a word puzzle in which a phrase or quote must be deduced from the numbers and letters in the clue:
    For example the ditloid:              26 = L. of the A.  
    The answer is 26 equals the number of letters in the alphabet.
    So log on to my site and give the weekly ditloid a try!
    9/8 ditloid - SOLVED
    7 = D. of the W.
    WINNER - Faith DiJulia
    answer: 7= days in a week
    Congratulations Faith, I still owe you a prise!
    1/23 ditloid:   - SOLVED    
      S W A T 7 D
    WINNER - Ronni Salvan
    answer: = Snow White and the seven dwarfs
    Congrats Ronni, you can collect your prixe next Tuesday.
    Give the next one a try....
    2/13 ditloid:                  8 = N in an O
    If you think you know the answer, email me.
Last Modified on February 13, 2009