• Healthy Homework Tips
    Taking the struggle out of nightly homework can begin with a...
    • Positive Attitude:) Set the tone and make it fun and enjoyable.  Challenges stretch us beyond our comfort zones.
    • Time Management:)  written homework plan that includes timelines and goals, using whatever tools are the most appealing to them: computer, notebook, giant calendar page, blackboard, sticky notes on the refrigerator door, even dry-erase markers on their bedroom window. Anything will work, as long as it's something they find fun.
    • Reward System :)  Create a system that works for your family and budget. One possibility uses fun tickets as motivation. Each time your child earns a reward, give him a ticket toward a set goal: movies with mom, breakfast in bed, extra TV time or a special trip to the playground. Making the rewards something memorable rather than monetary will inspire long-term positive attitudes regarding homework.
    • Healthy Snack:)  It boosts brain power before homework.
    • HW Spot:)  Quiet, no distraction and has all the materials needed to get the job done. 
    • Praise:) Reward with words and excitement for the completion of their work!
    During homework be prepared to...
    • Chunk the assignments by doing a few problems at a time for focus and attention, or use a stopwatch.   
    • Let your children play teacher. Letting them teach you a skill or concept that they're working on will improve their understanding of the concept and will build logic and reasoning skills. Let your kids "test" you, and let them determine a fitting reward if you pass their exams!
    • Schedule breaks by using a timer.  Do jumping jacks, run up and down steps or sit-ups.  This will keep them grounded and alert. 
    *These simple tips can make homework more fun and rewarding in the long term. The general standard for homework amounts is 10 minutes multiplied by grade level.
    * If your child is spending significantly more time than that, please contact us for help and suggestions. 
    * Do not exceed the time, just send unfinished homework with a note from you or your child stating what caused difficulty.