• WELCOME to your Newtown Elementary School Library
     Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.  
    Library Dates that Rate: 
    Wednesday, April 5
    Jonathan Stutzman and Heather Fox
    Visits with grades, K, 1, 2, 3 
    Scholastic SPRING Book Fair
    Friday, 4/28 - Thursday, 5/4 
    Use this link to volunteer your time to help.
    You must have your CLEARANCES on file to volunteer.
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     Mrs. Megan Kurek
    Library Assistant
    Ms. Caitlin Tiger

                                                        10 GREAT REASONS TO READ:


                                                      1.  Read to understand the past.

                                                      2.  Read to explore your world.

                                                      3.  Read to plan for your future.

                                                      4.  Read to visit new places.

                                                      5.  Read to create new things.

                                                      6.  Read to make good decisions.

                                                      7.  Read to have fun.

                                                      8.  Read to exercise your mind.

                                                      9.  Read to keep in touch.

                                                     10. Read because you can.