• WILL HILLENBRAND     www.willhillenbrand.com
     OCTOBER 25, 2006 
     GRADES K-1-2-3
     Will Hillenbrand has authored and illustrated many award-winning picture books, and lives with his wife and son in Terrace Park, Ohio.  What a wonderful experience your children had as Mr. Hillenbrand showed the process of how his books get their start and how they become a finished masterpiece. The starting from sketch presentation was designed to share his approach showing his styles and uses of different techniques when creating his beautiful paintings.


    Paul O.Zelinsky        www.paulozelinsky.com
    November 6, 2006
    Grade 2
     Newtown Elementary School was honored to host Caldecott award winner, Paul O. Zelinsky, author /illustrator of many beautiful all time favorites such as Rapunzel, Swamp Angel, and The Wheels on the Bus.  He visited our library and delighted the audience with his craft for both old time favorites and his newest ventures as an illustrator like, Shivers in the Fridge. WOW !!  What a opportunity for your children.


    BRUCE COVILLE          www.brucecoville.com
    April 9, 2007
    Grades 4-5-6
     Bruce Coville, author of over 40 books of fantasy and science fiction for children has three important tips he offers to writers.  READ, WRITE in your journals every day and NEVER GIVE UP.  Encouragement means an enormous amount to children. I can remember specifically my sixth grade teacher and my tenth grade teacher encouraging me with my writing and telling me I had a special gift for it. That means a lot to me. Those two teachers specifically gave me the courage to keep writing. "If you want to be a writer, Bruce advises, never let anyone discourage you. You must believe in yourself."  Words to remember.
    JACK GANTOS           www.jackgantos.com
    May 9, 2007
    Grades 4-5-6
     Newtown Elementary School was proud to host Mr. Jack Gantos for the second time in three years. Gantos has been described as seriously funny and his books reflect that trait.  His observation as a writer is right on the money as he zeroes in on the wacky idiosyncrasies of the world around us. He reminds children on every visit to, "Write what you know." He a diligent journal writer is proud to say, "I remember everything that happened in my childhood because I wote it down." What a wonderful way to make meaning in literature.
                                               Jack Gantos