•                        RAISING  BOOKWORMS
    This page is dedicated to supporting parents in getting your children to read for enjoyment.
    I am available to offer suggestions, help, and support through our library's resources, websites and conferences. Please contact me for any help and/or support with creating excitement about reading with and for your child.
    Liz Dobuski   *Teacher/LibrarianNewtown Elementary School
     A suggested BOOKLIST for Parents/Teachers raising bookworms:
    Raising Bookworms: Getting Kids Reading for Pleasure and Empowerment
    by Emma Walton Hamilton
    A supportive, readable guide for parents of toddlers through high school students. This book offers real world strategies, suggestions, book lists, and activities to support you and your child in developing a love of reading.
    Read-Aloud Handbook
    by Jim Trelease
    An essential element in reading aloud is what you choose to read. This book offers suggested titles and brief reviews to aid your read-aloud choices.  This is a classic guide-now in its fourth edition, with more than 1,200 children's books, from picture up to novels.
    Hey! Listen To This
    by Jim Trelease
    An anthology of forty-eight outstanding read-alouds tales that parents and teachers can share with children ages five through nine.
    Reading Magic: Why Reading Aloud to Our Children Will Change Their Lives Forever
    by Mem Fox
    Inspiring words from literary experts and bestselling author offers easy to understand, simple to follow plans for engaging your child in reading. Fox offers multiple examples of true read aloud success stories.
    Reading Together: Everything You Need to Know to Raise a Child Who Loves to Read
    by Diane W. Frankenstein
    The beginning of the book offers wonderful tips for encouraging your child to read and how to create a warm and inviting reading environment in your home. The bulk of the book offers a wide range of book selections to offer children. Each book has a two page spread that offers a synopsis of the book, questions to ask the reader, and a list of additional books that the child may wish to enjoy.
    Involving Parents in Their Children's Reading Development
    by Bruce Johnson
    This is an excellent resource for teachers, librarians, and parents. 
    "Reading is the key building block in a child's educational progress. It is also the area where parents can have the greatest impact on their children's education. " Nancy Livingston Director Literacy
                                                 Brigham Young University
    This book is filled with field-tested materials to be used with parents of children from preschool through middle school.
    1.  Read to understand the past.
    2.  Read to explore the world.
    3.  Read to plan for the future.
    4.  Read to visit new places.
    5.  Read to create new things.
    6.  Read to make good decisions.
    7.  Read to have fun.
    8.  Read to exercise your mind.
    9.  Read to keep in touch.
    10.Read because you can.
    1. READING is the most important subject in school.
    2. ACROSS the world, children who read the most, read the best.
    3. WE humans are pleasure-seekers, doing things over and over if we like it.
    4.  Read aloud to them, even as infants.
    5.  LISTENING comprehension come before reading comprehension.
    6.  CHILDREN usually read on one level and listen on a higher level.
    7. THE winter Olympians come from states where they have the most ice and snow. Think books in your homes.
    8.  THERE is a strong connection between over-viewing of TV by children and underachieving in school.
    9.  THE most economical device to teach reading is already in your home (closed captioned TV).
    10. WHILE  a recorded voice is not as good as a live adult who can stop and explain something in a story, it's better than nothing.
    Brochures used with permission of the author Jim Trelease.
                       5 READING TIPS FROM JON SCIESZKA
    (First National Ambassador for Young People's Literature)
    Author of : Guys Write for Guys Read
    Excellent website: www.guysread.com
    1. EXPAND YOUR DEFINITION OF READING. Fiction, non-fiction, humor, comic strips, magazines, illustrated stories, and websites. It's all reading.  2.  LET KIDS CHOOSE READING THAT INTERESTS THEM. Making the choice is important for kids.  3.  BE A GOOD READING MODEL. Talk to your kids about how you choose what you read. Share your reading likes and dislikes. Let kids see you reading. 4. TV, COMPUTER GAMES,  AND NEW TECHNOLOGIES.... do compete for kids' time, but they are not the "bad guy." Help kids become media literate. Show themhow different media tell stories in different ways. 5. THINK GLOBAL. ACT LOCAL. There are all kinds of good people and worthy groups working to help kids read. Ask teachers, librarians, and booksellers for book recommendations. 
                 WEBSITES of INTEREST
    It's mission is to to provide educators, parents, and afterschool professionals with access to the highest quality practices in reading and language arts instruction by offering the very best in free materials.
    Partners:  International Reading Association (IRA), National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), and Verizon Thinkfinity.
    NOTE----- Every lesson plan on READWRITETHINK has been aligned to IRA/NCTE and individual STATE standards. 
    James Patterson's website which is dedicated to making kids readers for life. Great Illustrated books, Great Transitional Books and page turners.
    (CBC) is the national nonprofit trade association for children's trade book publishers for over 60 years. Under what's new? you could meet Jerry Pinkney at The Earl Carle Museum of Picture Book Art, or find out there is a movie coming out this summer called "Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer.", or see a Al Roker Today Show's Book Club for Kids pick, and much more.......
     Jon Scieszka  author of over twenty books, among them Time Warp Trio series, The Stinky Cheese Man, and Math Curse among others, founded the Guys Read initiative to encourage boys to keep reading by helping them find books they will enjoy.
    www.                                               COMING SOON
    Monroe County Public Library, in Indiana has compiled a very  good booklist for reluctant readers. Also Internet search tools and websites for children among other services.
    An interactive Media Channel where books,crafts, online video, and web resources intersect.
    Share your love of books in your own words and images on bookhooks, the world's best book reviewing site!!
    Write a review, read a review, browse reviews, games links, and more....
    A site where children have fun learning to read. It is a free public service to teach children to read with phonics. Perfect for preschool, kindergarten, first, second, and more....
    For Librarians, Teachers, Parents, Meet Booker T. Worm and learn about authors, join the book club, read the newsletter, podcasts, books into movies, and so much more....
    So much information for parents. members, administrators, and school libray students. Quicklinks for parents including how libraians can assist you.
    Great books for kids of all ages from2 up to twelve and up.
    Lists books by categories, best ways to teach kids to read, and making it fun. Also it includes the OPRAH'S BOOK CLUB COLLECTION.
    Excellent source. I recommend it.
    The World of Rosemary Wells
    For teachers and parents. The most important twenty minutes of your day.....
    The Screen Actors Guild Foundation
    This foundation is proud to present an on-line streaming video program featuring actors and actresses (SAG) reading children's books aloud!! Fun to see your famous movie stars read children's book.
    Good Night Stories
    A site you can read-a-story, see-a-story, hear-a-story, fill-in-a-story, and send-a-story. All different types of stories to read. Some are by kids, some are long stories, short stories, stories with pictures and poems too.
    Mem Fox  Teaching, Learning, Living
    All about Mem Fox, See and Hear Mem Read aloud, How to read aloud, About Mem's books, The stories behind the stories, For writers (and potential writers), and for Parents and Teachers.