The staff at Newtown Elementary School believes

    All children can learn

    Learning is a life-long process.

    Diverse learning styles should be celebrated.

    An inclusive environment fosters a sense of belonging for everyone.

    We should encourage a life-long awareness, appreciation and participation in the arts.

    Self-esteem is directly related to learning.

    Cooperative Learning is essential.

    Effective assessment takes many forms.

    We must care for our school, community, and the world around us.

    Good health is essential for optimal learning.

    A team approach nurtures and supports learning.

    Mutual respect and support must exist among staff members and students.

    Our school should reflect student pride and accomplishments.

    A teacher's perception of students influences set-esteem and learning.

    Learning is teacher guided and student centered

    School is a place which fosters personal growth, cultural enrichment and individual responsibility.