• Schoolwires FAQ's
    * Step by step instructions for many Schoolwires functions can be found by clicking on "Community and Support" above  your section workspace.  After you are redirected, choose "Documentation", then  "Academic Portal User Guide Chapters" Chapter 8 is especially useful.
    How do I insert clip art onto my webpage?
    The easiest way to do this is to COPY and PASTE clipart from a website.  There are many free clipart sites on the Internet.
    Click here  for a document listing web sources for clip art and animations. Thank you Emmy Graham and Kathleen Pagano, Librarians @ CR North
    Here are others:
    Classroom Clipart : Free Clipart, clip art Illustrations and Photographs
    Classroom clipart is a Clip Art Gallery and clipart site for students
    School Clip Art for Teachers and Kids - Clipart for educational purposes
    Free School Clip Art for students and teachers. - Clipart for educational purposes.
    How do I insert a photo from my "H" drive onto my webpage?
    1. Click on your webpage where you want the photo to be placed.
    2. Click on the "INSERT IMAGE" icon which Opens a wizard you can use to insert an image into your page.
    If you have multiple images to display, it is easier to use the "Photo Gallery" option. 
    How do I link to an outside webpage and use the webpage logo as the link on my page?
    1. Login to your webpage and open the page on which you wish to add the link.
    2. Open the outside webpage and COPY the logo you wish to use. Do not exit out the webpage because you'll need the URL later.
    3. Open your webpage and PASTE the logo onto your page.
    4.  Open the outside webpage and copy the URL from the address bar.( Skip this step if you plan to type the URL from scratch)
    5. Open your webpage .Activate the logo by clicking on it.  Small squares should appear around the logo. 
    6. Click on the  INSERT LINK icon on the Schoolwires task bar. 
    7. Click the radio button next to: Insert a link to a different website....
    8. A new window will open. Paste the URL you copied into the dialog box provided. Or type the URL from scratch.
    9. Select TARGET:  Open in new window.
    10.  Select:  Insert link.
Last Modified on September 29, 2008