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    Dear Fourth Grade Parents,

              Greetings!  I hope that you have enjoyed a relaxing and pleasant summer.    As Mr. King communicated to you in early August, there will be a new face among the Fourth Grade teaching team at Newtown Elementary.  Please allow me to introduce myself as your child’s teacher for the 2010-2011 school year. It is with great excitement and pride that I welcome you to join me in ringing in a brand new school year for your fourth grader.  It is sure to be a year filled with new learning experiences, questions, and ideas as the students continue their elementary school journey.  I have already begun working together with the teaching team and Mr. King to ensure the most positive and beneficial transition for your child.  I am more than ready to begin working together with you and your child to build a unique path that will guide him or her toward the goal of becoming a successful, independent learner and a proud member of the Council Rock community.

              Please allow me to share some things about myself.  This school year will be my seventh year as a teaching professional.  After teaching in a charter school in Northeast Philadelphia for three years, I came to Council Rock at the beginning of the 2007-2008 school year.  Since then, I have gained valuable experience teaching first grade and sixth grade at Sol Feinstone Elementary School. I am now thrilled to be here at Newtown Elementary to spend this school year as your child’s teacher and a partner with you in his or her educational journey. 

    You know your child better than anyone, and I value your cooperation and insight.  When you are able to find a few spare moments, please feel free to write and share some thoughts with me about your fourth grade student.  I would appreciate anything you would like to share that would help me to best prepare, teach, assess, and understand my students, their strengths, interests, and how to best meet their needs.  Please feel free to email me with this information, any questions you may have, or just to say hello at khanna@crsd.org.  I look forward to meeting you and your child very soon.




                                                                                              Miss Kristen Hanna