What's Great in A-8! smile


    Week In Review



    Our first week of Spring turned out to be more Wintry than warm, but we were cruising along in A-8.  We began the week by wrapping up our PSSA’s, and we  returned to our usual routines.  It was a smooth transition, and we were happy to be back into our classroom activities.

    Because we had worked so hard throughout the PSSA’s, we had a round-robin-rotation of games with the entire fourth grade.  It was fun to mix together with our friends in other classes and to spend time with all of the fourth grade teachers.

    Here’s a look at some of the other highlights of our time together:

    RELA:   Persuasive writing continues to be our focus in Language Arts/Writing.  We explored well-written examples of this type of writing, which gave us ideas for strategies and organization.  We also shared “where we stand” on certain issues, like the possibility of serving McDonald’s fries in the cafeteria (HYPOTHETICALLY!!) and whether students should be required to take instrument lessons.  It helped us gather our thoughts and to zoom in on issues we felt the most strongly about.  These guided us toward a writing focus.

    Math:  This week we learned how to perform basic operations with decimal numbers.  We explored rounding decimals and using estimates to help us check our addition and subtraction.  We ended the week by venturing into multiplying a decimal number by a whole number.  Knowing where to put that decimal point can be a little bit tricky, so we are getting plenty of practice! 

    Social Studies:  We are still “down south”, learning about the Southeast and Gulf States.  We learned about the importance of the bodies of water in this region, especially for shipping the many goods that are grown and manufactured here.  We even watched a video about cotton:  how it grows, is harvested, and eventually becomes yarn.    


    Science:  Our focus has shifted to the natural world around us.  We are exploring the land and water that make up our home on Earth.  In the weeks to come, we will be studying and demonstrating the various interactions between land and water that make our environment what it is.  We’ll be working in collaborative groups to replicate these interactions here in the classroom.  We look forward to getting our hands dirty – and then clean again!!


    Notable Dates

    * Tuesday 3/29:  Have shoebox lid and small objects for ART!

    *Friday, 4/1:   ***April  Discovery Quests # 1-6!!!****  SEE WEBSITE FOR TOPICS!!