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    Nightly Reading Expectations
     Students are learning strategies that will enable them to become independent, versatile readers.  We are striving to reinforce these strategies and a positive approach to reading by fostering a nightly reading routine.  Students may read a book (or books) of their choice, reflecting a variety of genres, subjects, and styles. 
    Using the Nightly Reading Calendar, students are expected to:

    1. Read for at least 20 MINUTES each night, Monday through Thursday.


    2. Record the TITLE of the book if it is FINISHED on the date. (There may be a book finished each night if they are shorter or picture books. Books may take longer if they are chapter books.)


    3.  Get a PARENT SIGNATURE on the date to verify reading.


    4.  RECORD Finished book titles on his/her page in the A-8 Reading Log