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    We are excited to announce our new math program, Glencoe Math!  This program is based on the PA Common Core curriculum and has many exciting features.   
    Here is a breakdown of topics and standards by marking period:
    First Marking Period
    Chapter 1:  Ratios and Rates
    Chapter 2:  Fractions, Decimals and Percents
    Chapter 3:  Compute with Multi-Digit Numbers
    Standards: Number Sense & Ratios and Proportions
    Second Marking Period
    Chapter 4:  Multiply and Divide Fractions

    Chapter 5:  Integers and the Coordinate Plane

    Chapter 6:  Expressions
    Standards: Number Sense, Ratios and Proportions & Expressions and Equations

    Third Marking Period
    Chapter 7:  Equations
    Chapter 8:  Functions and Inequalities

    Chapter 9: Area

    Standards: Equations and Expressions, Ratios and Proportions, Number Sense & Geometry

    Fourth Marking Period
    Chapter 10: Volume and Surface Area

    Chapter 11:  Statistical Measures

    12:  Statistical Displays
    Standards: Geometry & Statistics and Probability