Social Studies
    World History: Great Civilizations-Ancient through early modern times--- use the link to access the textbook
    social studies textbook

    UNIT 1:  Early People and Lifeways

    Chapter 1:  The Development of Human Society



    Chapter 2: Origins of Civilization

         Early Villages

         The Seeds of Civilation    


    UNIT 2: Early Civilizations 

    Chapter 3: Ancient Mesopotamia




    Chapter 4: Ancient Egypt

         The Nile

         Old and Middle Kindoms

         The New Kingdom

         Egyp's Legacy


    Chapter 5: Judaism and the Israelite Kingdoms

         Founding of Judaism

         Kingdoms and Exile


    Chapter 6: Ancient India

         Indus River Civilizations

         Indian Empire


    Chapter 7:  Ancient China

         River Dynasties


         East Meets West


    Chapter 16:  Mesoamerica

         Olmec and Zapotec 




    Chapter 17: South and North America

         Peruvian Cultures