Dear Parents or Guardians,



     There are many students in our school with a severe allergy to peanuts and/or nuts.  For some children, even the smell of peanut products can result in an allergic reaction. This allergy can be life threatening. Strict avoidance is the only way to prevent a severe allergic reaction. Peanuts and peanut/nut oil can be found in many foods, including baked goods and most chocolate candy.



     We must do all that we can to provide our students with a safe learning environment. In an effort to allow all students to participate fully in classroom activities, we ask that you DO NOT SEND IN ANY FOOD FOR YOUR CHILD’S SNACK OR CLASSROOM PARTIES THAT CONTAINS PEANUTS, NUTS OR PEANUT/NUT OIL. FOOD FOR ALL SCHOOL WIDE EVENTS MUST ALSO BE PEANUT/NUT FREE. Please purchase foods with labels that can be checked for ingredient safety. It is important to read the entire label of all foods being purchased.



     Below is a list of snack suggestions that do not contain peanuts/nuts. This list is provided as a reference. We hope that you will consider sending the healthy and nutritious alternatives of fresh fruit, dried fruit, and vegetables. Always check with the classroom teacher to determine if there are children with food allergies other than nuts/peanuts.




    Dole fruit bowl                        Jello pudding snacks                            String cheese



    Fig Newtons                 Mott’s Fruitsation                                 Tootsie Rolls



    Fruit                             Pepperidge Farm Goldfish                   Twizzlers



    Yogurt                         pretzels                                                            vegetables



    Graham crackers          Skittles                                                 Wheat thins




    There is a “peanut/nut free” lunch table available for each lunch period. Any child who has a peanut/nut allergy is encouraged to sit at this table. Their friends may sit with them at this table provided they DO NOT have any food item in their lunch that contains peanuts or nuts. Teachers have been directed to monitor food that is sent in for classroom snacks and parties.



     The school nurse is available at 215-944-2209 to help answer any questions you may have. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.






      Kevin King                                                                  Nancy Cook, R.N.



    Principal                                                                      Certified School Nurse




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