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    Instrumental Music

    Woodwind, brass, and  percussion instrument instruction is offered beginning in fourth grade.  Weekly group lessons are given to help each student learn the fundamentals of music and music performance on their instrument.  Continuing instruction culminates in performance proficiency on an instrument. In class, the following musical objectives are taught:

    1.  Developing technical facility, breath control, tone quality, rhythmic accuracy, articulation, and pitch awareness

    2.  Developing effective rehearsal skills

    3.  Developing aesthetic criteria

    4.  Reinforcing the value of diciplined practice.

    All students are given the opportunity to perform in a large group ensemble.  This extends, refines and enriches the basic skills that are taught in small group instruction.   Fifth and Sixth grade students perform in both a Winter and Spring Concert.  All beginning fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students perform in a Spring concert.