Allergy Alert


    Newtown Elementary School is a peanut/nut safe school. 

    All snacks sent to school that are intended for classroom sharing must be peanut/nut free.  Please read the ingredients labels carefully before sending in a snack.  There is a peanut/nut free table in the lunchroom.   

    For more information Click on these websites:.


    American Academy of Pediatrics

    Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

    The Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network 



    Peanut-Free Diet
    AVOID foods that contain peanuts or any of these ingredients: 
    Artificial nuts, beer nuts, cold pressed, expelled, or extruded peanut oil, goobers, ground nuts, mandelonas, mixed nuts, monkey nuts, nutmeat, Nu-Nuts flavored nuts, nut pieces, peanut, peanut butter and peanut flour.
    May indicate presence of peanut protein: African, Chinese, Indonesian, Mexican, Thai, and Vietnamese dishes, baked goods (pastries, cookies), candy (including chocolate candy), chili, egg rolls, enchilada sauce, flavoring, marzipan, nougatand sunflower seeds. Arachis oil is peanut oil.

    Tree Nut-Free Diet

    AVOID foods that contain nuts or any of these ingredients:

    Almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, chestnuts, chestnuts, filbert/hazelnuts, gianduja (a creamy mixture of chocolate and chopped toasted nuts found in premium or imported chocolate), hickory nuts, macadamia nuts, marzipan/almond paste, nougat, Nu-Nuts® artificial nuts, nut butters, i.e. cashew butter, nut paste, i.e. almond paste,  nut meal, nut oil, pecans (Mashuga nuts), pine nuts (pinyon, Indian nuts), pistachios and walnuts.



    Keep the following in mind:

    •Artificial nuts can be peanuts that have been deflavored and reflavored with a nut, like pecan or walnut.

    •Filberts are also hazelnuts

    •Avoid natural extracts, i.e. pure

    almond extract, use imitation or

    artificial flavored extracts

    •Tree nuts have been used in many

    foods including barbecue sauce,

    cereals, crackers and ice cream