Welcome Letter

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    Welcome to
    Mrs. Sicilia's 4th grade class!


         Wow! Can you believe that we are all in fourth grade together?   I am very excited to begin this new school adventure with you!   There are many things we will need your help with making the classroom a special place for you. Be prepared to gather a collection of 4-6 items that tell about you and, if you'd like, one item can stay in school, on display.  

         I am proud to be the mother of Emme, my active 24-year-old daughter, who lives in New Jersey and works with special needs students and Logan, my 21-year-old son who is busy building his landscaping business.     I live in Chalfont with my  husband, who is a pilot, Logan, and 2 very lovable cats, Maggie and Oreo, and our ten-year-old Vizsla, Penny!
        I am lucky to have spent most of my summer by the water. 
    We are fortunate to spend a lot of our time in Ocean City, New Jersey where Penny and I love going for walks on the beach and discovering new neighborhoods.

         When I am not at school I am very busy being a mom to my adult children, cooking, cleaning, and getting together with friends.    When I have  free time, I love yoga, reading, biking, paddleboarding, and just renjoy playing pickleball.

         This year as a fourth grader, you will discover many of my favorite authors as well as learn to use books and your own experiences to build stories.  We will be exploring animal studies, land and water, and energy.  We will learn about maps and the regions of America.  As an A-8 family we will learn what it is to be a friend and make many new ones.
      We will be working to make your fourth grade experience a wonderful year!

       I am very excited about starting this new school year with you! 


     Mrs. Sicilia