This year, several students at Newtown Elementary School participated in the Math Olympiad program.  Since 1979, this program has provided challenging, thought-provoking problems that stretch the abilities of students in grades 4 to 6 and has required them to know their mathematics well.  Member schools are located in all fifty states, thirteen American Territories (4891 teams), and thirty foreign countries (120 teams).  Over 150,000 students participated on nearly 5,000 teams in the Math Olympiad Contest this year.

    Our Olympiad Teams scored in the  TOP 10% of all teams worldwide and were named to the 2018-2019 National Highest Team Achievement list and placed on the 2018-2019 Olympiad Honor Roll.  These Olympiad teams have also earned the 2019 Math Olympiad Plaque!  The Olympians of Newtown Elementary School have shown that hard work, persistence, and the sharing of great mathematical ideas really pays off!


    to our OLYMPIAD TOP FIVE from
    TEAM A
    Bianca B.
    Jack C.
    Emerson G.
    Joanna W.
    Xinyi Y.

    TEAM B
    Vincent T.
    Mark C.
    Kathan D.
    Patrick H.
    Gavin B.
    Benjamin F.
    I am so proud of my Math Olympians and look forward to next year's competition!   ~ Mrs. Kane :)