Virtual Learning in E-1

            The majority of the work that you will need can be found in our Google Classroom. Once I get you all set-up in Google Classroom, you will be able to get the links to the different activities for each week. We will be posting a Weekly Overview every Sunday evening.

           All the links that you will need for the week will be either right on the overview or in our Google Classroom. We will spend time the first week or two going over Google Classroom (G.C.), the weekly calendar, and different web platforms (Nearpod, Edpuzzle, Seesaw, & Kami to name a few) that we will be using this school year.

          We will take our time as we navigate all these tools. Some may be new to you and others you may have used last year. Either way, we will go over all of them to make sure that you are comfortable with each site before we use them.