•  Word Study Weekly Work(Current lists are on Google Classroom)  

    Monday-Write all your spelling words in ABC order.


    TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY- Choose 1 of the following:


    1. Rhyming words- Write the spelling words and then try to add two or more words that rhyme with it using the same spelling pattern. If there are no rhyming words, write the spelling word three times.
    2. Rainbow Words- Make rainbow words by writing the letters of your words three times using different colored pencils.
    3. Word search Make a word search using lower case letters.
    4. Pictures- Represent words with a picture and label your picture with the spelling word.
    5. Cheers or Yoga-Practice words with a cheer or yoga
    6. Magazine or Computer Words- Make each spelling word by cutting letters from newspapers, magazines or computer and gluing them onto the page.
    7. Fancy Words- use your fanciest handwriting to write the words
    8. Plain Jane-just plain old write your words.
    9. Scrambled Words-Scramble the letters of each word and ask a family member to unscramble or switch roles.
    10. Spelling City- Choose an activity from this fun website


      THURSDAY CHOICE-Choose one of the following:
    1. Sentences- Write five sentences using most of your spelling words. Write neatly and use proper punctuation. 
    2. Clues-Write clues or riddles for 5 of your words
    3. Poem-Write a story or poem using most of your words.