• Class Expectations, Materials, Grading, Homework and Absence Policies

    Class Expectations:

    Ø      Be ready to start class on time.

                When the bell rings you must be in your seat with your class materials ready.  Phones must be stored in the organizer for the class


    Ø      Be prepared – bring homework, notebook, pencils and calculators with you.

    Ø      Work consistently.  Show your best effort every day.

    Ø      All school rules and policies are enforced. (e. g.  attendance, phones, headphones)


    Materials Needed:

    Ø      A dedicated space for math notes (binder, section of a binder or notebook and folder).  You will take notes and practice problems every day, so plenty of paper is a necessity.   You will receive at least one handout every day – they must be organized in a folder or binder.

    Ø      Pencils and erasers

    Ø      Calculator.  The recommended calculator for this course is a graphing calculator, TI 83 or TI 83 plus. 



    Your grade will be based on the “points earned”/ “total points” for all activities during the marking period.  Many activities are graded to give you opportunities for success as well as to encourage consistent attention and effort.


    Grades will be based on the points earned for:

    Ø      Quizzes and/or tests

    Ø      Midterm and Final Exams (2nd and 4th marking periods)

    Ø      Homework


    Homework Policy:

    Homework is assigned nightly in order to practice and reinforce the skill presented in class. Independent practice lets you know that you understand a lesson, or it helps you realize that you still have questions.  Both are valuable!


    Credit for homework is based on the assignment being complete and on time – all required work must be shown and the answer clearly identified when it is checked in class.  You are expected to make any necessary corrections to homework as it is reviewed in class.



    If you are absent you must get the information that was given in class.  You can check my website, stay for clinic or borrow a friend’s notes.  You are expected to do the assigned homework and/or come to clinic to review.


    If you are absent the day of a quiz/test you must make it up on the next scheduled clinic day.

    Please see me if there is an issue that would require further rescheduling.



    Tuesday & Thursday from 2:15 – 3:00 in room 326E.


Last Modified on August 24, 2016