• Clinic   Tuesdays & Thursdays

                           Room 326E

    Clinic is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:30 -2:55 pm throughout the school year. The purpose of clinic is to provide support for students as they work on assignments.
    Clinic is available to those students who have taken responsibility for the following actions:


    ·       Pay attention in class

    ·       Bring class notes

    ·       Have identified specific questions

    ·       Have put forth significant effort on assignments

    ·       Are fully prepared with notebook, textbook, pencil and calculator


    Students who are absent should first secure notes from a classmate and attempt to do the assignment using the examples from their notes and their textbook as a guide.


    Hints for an Effective Clinic Experience

    ·       Come to clinic as questions arise rather than the day before the test

    ·       Realize the value of working with and learning from other students

    ·       Take ownership for your learning; be a self-advocate

    ·       Approach the teacher immediately if you are scheduled to take a quiz/test so that you have enough time

Last Modified on September 2, 2017