• Star of the Week



            You are a shining star, and we would like to celebrate you as a star of the week! We will assign you with your presentation date during the first week of school.


            Please read the following list of categories and attach pictures or items to a poster board to use throughout your Star of the Week presentation. Please use your creativity as you brainstorm unique items and ideas that truly represent you. Photographs are welcome, but stretch yourself to collect other materials as well. Neatness is encouraged with the proper use of rulers, scissors, and mounting materials.


             On the first day of your special week, you will present yourself to the class. You should practice your presentation at home. Our class will respond to your presentation with questions and comments at the conclusion of your presentation. We are all looking forward to learning more about you!



    •  Some of your favorites (song, quote, book, etc.)
    • Something you do well
    • Something you would like to do better
    • An interesting place you visited (or would like to visit)
    • Something special about your family
    • Something you're proud of
    • A personal trait that benefits our school community
    • Any special items you would like to put on display along with your poster

    *Parents are welcome to join us for presentations! Please come and watch your child present at 9:30 on their special day!