• I QUIT Homework!



    Homework in our class will NOT BE beginning in early October BECAUSE I'VE DECIDED TO QUIT DAILY HW.   It use to come home the first day of each school week and was due back each Friday.  This may have needed to be adapted for short weeks, holidays, etc.  You would have been notified of any changes.  Your child's homework packet would have included a list of assignments for the entire week.   
    Your child WILL BE   bringing home a book bag (beginning as soon as I can get it together)  each night to read with a parent, guardian, sibling, or friend.  The purpose of this is to allow children to begin exploring reading independently.  They will be encouraged to:
    • take picture walks
    • read the story using the pictures
    • stop at any words they know and read them especially loud!
    • ask to be read to
    • match words with the same beginning letter (point to them)
    • track words across the page in the right direction without skipping any
    • talking about the books pictures, characters, words, etc.
    • take home the book as many times as they would like

           I use to believe that Homework in kindergarten had several purposes:


    ·        Reinforces concepts taught at school.

    ·        Provides meaningful practice and rehearsal of new learning.

    ·        Establishes a “work ethic” for homework needed in the upper grades.

    ·        Instills a sense of responsibility in students.



    I still believe those things, however, Homework is not meant to be a stressful experience, BUT IT IS.  It’s meant to be quick and easy.  My real goal is to establish lifelong homework habits. Unfortunately, that is not what happens.  Stay tuned for more of this discussion at Back to School Night.  


    Students' take home job responsibilities (*whatever it may be that night if there is any):

    1. Get it home on time
    2. Get it done as independently as possible
    3. Get it back on time


    Encourage your child to be as independent as possible during a take home job.  If your child ever gets stressed about a given job, please drop me a note and I will make time for the job to be completed with them individually if needed.



    Thank you for your help, support and open mind!

    Ms. Hughes