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    My name is Angel Morris and I am so excited to be the MDS teacher! I graduated from Bloomsburg University in December of 2016 and completed my student teaching in first grade at Newtown Elementary. Since then,I've spent my time at Newtown as an instructional assistant, I taught first grade, and I began teaching the MDS class in the Fall of 2020. 
    When not in school, I love spending time with my family. I have three older siblings: two brothers, one sister, and a seven-year-old nephew. My family has a house on the bay in Rehoboth Beach and this is where I spend a majority of my summers. I love to read-both in school and in my free time! John Green and Todd Parr are some of my favorite authors. I’m also a huge Flyers and Eagles fan. I love spending Sundays with my family watching the game--as long as our teams are winning!
     Miss Morris